Mommy, I’m clean!

Hi Mommy,

I’m glad sitter’s back today. She’s been really busy these past few days, and I had to practice my patient skills cause I did a lot of waiting while sitter was moving stuff and working and making yummy smelling stuff. But even though sitter was busy, she still makes me go through puppy camp every day so I can learn to be a good dog. I sit every time the door opens now and waits for sitter to go out before I do. I think it’s fun to lay down some times though to pretend that I don’t notice the door is being opened and then rush out as soon as the gap is big enough. It’s so fun cause then sitter comes and plays chase with me! But.. I guess it’s not so fun after a while cause I get squirt in the face afterwards…

Mommy, you’re gonna think I’m so super smart! I beat the squirt monster! It always squirts my face when I’m bad, so one day I faced it head on. Now it only squirts to the side of me and never directly at my face cause I won! But sitter still uses it when I’m bad so I still have to behave cause  I still get wet sometimes.

My new favorite pee spots are plastic bags. They’re so fun to pee on that I pee on all of them!  I like it, I can always find some on my puppy pad. Also  my  poo poos can go in front of the elevator if I’m sneaky enough. Stairs are too big for a small dog like me, so sometimes I get lazy and think the elevator is close enough. Sitter doesn’t like it though so I have to go down stairs even after I finished  poo poos upstairs. I guess she doesn’t want me to be lazy…

Last week, sitter washed all my blankets and bed! Nothing smells like me anymore! My bed smells all clean and stuff and my blankets don’t have my sent on them anymore. I don’t like it. I smelt my bed and looked at sitter with accusing eyes. I have to start over putting my scent on everything! ( rub rub,  roll roll, so much work) Even worse, sitter gave me a bath today! You know how much I hate baths mommy, and she even blowed hot air on my face. Brrr don’t like don’t like! Wet water and hot air, I’d rather go outside and play.  Since I’m all fluffy now, more people will like me! Yay more friends!

Sitter tells me she’s going away in a week. I don’t know why sitter always tells me to behave when she’s away. I always behave myself don’t I? I always find some way to entertain myself when sitter’s busy and I always make sure I keep my left shoe collection full of left shoes. Don’t you think that’s a good thing mommy?

I’m glad when Sitter leaves too cause when she comes back, I always get new treats to eat! Like new cookies and wet food. They’re soo yummy and I like to eat it much better than my regular food. Although I eat those too. I like to eat in neat piles and away from my doggy dish. Sitter tells me that I get crummys on the floor but I still like to do it. It’s so no one will steal my food; I’m sneaky like that.

I can’t wait for you to come back mommy, I wanna show you all the stuff I learned so far, and let you see my long long hair. I look like a Maltese more and more each day! Even though I’d prefer it if you still just call me Milo.

Hope to see you soon Mommy!

–          Milo

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Hello World

Hi every one. I’m Milo. I’m 9 months old and I’m a good puppy. My pet name is Maltese but everyone just calls me Milo. Not My lo, Me- Lo. That’s the way I like it pronounced.

My mommy went away for a while and I’m miss her a lot. But it’s ok cause I’m still having fun with my petsitter. She’s making sure I’m a good dog with no oopsies in the house and boo boos on the carpets. I met my sitter yesterday and I was so excited to meet her. I jumped and wagged my tail and got super happy when I saw all the treats she bought. Yum cookies!

My sitter and I went for a walk in the afternoon around my house and then to Vons. I got kinda bored so I whined a lot. I guess it worked cause I got to go into a house to play after that. I saw a cat there.It was so wierd looking with white paws, orange body, and brown strips. Kinda like that Garfield cat you see on TV. I tried to sniff it a lot but it just hissed at me and got really scared. After that, we had to play on separate sides of the room.

Going out was fun though, I had a really big day so I was tired afterwards and went straight to bed. I pulled my bed in front of my pet sitter’s door so I can keep an eye on her while she’s sleeping. Yawwwnnn!!!

Today was sort of boring for me. My sitter had to go to work, but luckily just when I was getting bored, my auntie came back to play! Sitter also bought me a brush so my fur will be all fluffy. Sitter tells me I’m getting better at sitting down and waiting before going outside. She scares me a little so I know I have to be an obedient dog around her. I don’t mind though, she gives me treats when I’m good 🙂

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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